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Wedding Bouquet

(and other special flowers!)

~ Clean your vase (to give them a fresh temporary home)

~ Use quality filtered lukewarm water (they prefer warmer drinks!)

~ Use sharp scissors to trim an inch off the stem (at a 45-degree angle to help them drink up!)

~ Change the water daily (to protect them from bacterial growth)

~ Keep them away from heat and direct light (to protect their pigments)

~ Keep fresh fruits away (to protect them from their gasses)

~ Remove foliage that is below water line (keep in separate if you want it pressed!)

~ Do not use homemade flower foods (it’s not the time to play with chemistry!)

Flower Care Tips

1 ~ Reserve your date!

Contact me with your date to get a spot on the press.

2 ~ Confirmation

I’ll confirm my availability and send you the information I need to provide you the best service.

3 ~ Info, Agreement and Deposit

I want the details to provide you with the artpeice of your dreams! Fill and return the form and provide the deposit which will be put towards your final purchase!

4 ~ Drop-Off

Pressing works best on fresh cut flowers to keep the pigments and avoid browning so bring in as soon as possible or within 3 days. While the flowers are in your care here are some tips!

5 ~ Catalogue

I finally get to admire and play with your flowers! I take pictures, label, and document them to keep track of the beauties.

6 ~ Pressing

I press the flowers, check up on them from time to time until they are dry, which can take up to 6 weeks depending on the types. 

7 ~ Creation

With the pressed beauties, I create a design that suits your wishes and guided by my own creative inspiration! Each design is unique and inspired The art piece is framed with plexiglass (so it can’t break!) and UV protected. 

8 ~ Payment and Pick-Up

You finally get to enjoy your long awaited, unique and ever growing piece of art, one that also captures a special memory!

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